Valerie holds meeting with Residents and Council Officers at Stafford Road in Darlaston

On Friday 22 June 2012, Valerie held a meeting with residents of Stafford Road, Darlaston and Council Officers to discuss ongoing problems with traffic, the road surface, parking and noise.

At the meeting, Valerie and residents explained to representatives of Walsall MBC the various problems and asked them to set out the steps they would take to improve traffic calming.

Valerie said:

“The meeting was lively and residents put their points across to Council representatives who agreed to look at what action can be taken to improve the situation on Stafford Road.”

“One of the most significant issues for residents is the number of buses and lorries that travel along the street, sometimes at significant speed, causing disturbance to residents in their homes. I will be writing to the Bus Companies to ask if it is necessary for 2 buses to travel down Stafford Road. The road is narrow and when buses stop, this creates a traffic jam.”