Valerie hosts chemistry experiments with Royal Society of Chemistry

On Wednesday 24 February 2016 I sponsored an exciting experiments event in Westminster to mark the 175th anniversary of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Children’s presenter Fran Scott and her team members, Dr Indrayani Ghangrekar and Dr Nate Adams, from ‘Great Scott’ carried out chemistry experiments with MPs to promote the study of chemistry. Fran and her team created dry ice bubbles, colourful flaming salts and hammered MPs’ hands protected with non-newtonian goo.


Behind all the colourful explosions, the event was an opportunity to discuss the importance of excellent science teaching in primary schools. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chief Executive, Robert Parker, said: “Science is an important part of a child’s primary education, and plays a key role in shaping their long term attainment, aspiration and interest in the subject. Unfortunately, in some primary schools, science is not seen as a priority, and too few teachers have a background in the subject. In our 175th anniversary year, we want to see a new emphasis from Government to make primary science inspiring, engaging and relevant”.


Valerie said: “I was delighted to host the Royal Society of Chemistry in Parliament. Taking part in chemistry experiments in the House – it’s not every day that you get to set things on fire in the House of Commons! Many members came to the demonstration and hopefully they will take the message back to the schools in their constituency to stree the important of science and chemistry in schools. The Royal Society of Chemistry and Fran Scott show that chemistry can be exciting , and how important it is to a child’s education. Children can learn about the science behind the experiments while having fun ”

Valerie Vaz MP