Valerie hosts launch of programme to tackle obesity

On Tuesday 24 January 2012 Valerie hosted the launch of the E-Bal Programme in the Grand Committee Room, Palace of Westminster.  The photograph shows Valerie with Mike Eyre (creator of the programme) and Ken Whittingham (who has co-ordinated the programme in Walsall).


The E-Bal programme aims to tackle obesity by enabling people to manage their own individual ‘energy balance’ through education, community involvement and use of innovative technology. The programme has been successfully rolled out through community organisations in Walsall, co-ordinated by Ken Whittingham of the Walsall Deaf People’s Centre. 


Valerie said:


“I am pleased to be able to launch this innovative programme in the Houses of Parliament.  It is important that people have access to information that can help them make informed choices about diet and exercise on a personal level.  Everyone is different and the programme acknowledges that.  It is also exciting to see software and apps being developed to help with this.


“It is significant that the programme has been launched in Walsall.  The UK has the highest levels of obesity in the EU, and figures from the Association of Public Health Observatories show that the West Midlands has the highest level of obese adults, at 29% of the population – double the EU average.


“This programme encourages community organisations, education and health services to work together to tackle the problem of obesity.  It has been successful so far in Walsall and I hope to see it progress further in Walsall and across the country.”


The launch included presentations by Mike Eyre (the originator of the programme), Andy Goff of Interactive Opportunities (who is developing computer technology as part of the programme) and Ken Whittingham of the Walsall Deaf People’s Centre.