Valerie intervenes in Lobbying Bill debate

On Monday 9 September 2013, during the consideration of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill, Valerie intervened to raise the issue of unregistered lobbyist and the 161 people that were employed by a leading tobacco company to oppose an EU directive on tobacco products.

Valerie said:

“Is my hon. Friend aware that a leading tobacco company employed 161 people to lobby MEPs? Would all 161 of them be registered?”

Jon Trickett replied:

“My hon. Friend makes a very important point. I assume she is saying that the 161 individual lobbyists were employed by the tobacco company. If that is the case, under this Bill not one of them—not a single one— would be required to be on the register. That is why when she intervened on me I was saying that we want all lobbying activities to be brought into the full light of day, not remain in the shadows.”

Valerie’s intervention can be viewed on the Official Report here: