Valerie launches BikeRight cycling initiative at SureStart Palfrey Children’s Centre

On Friday 28th February 2014, Valerie launched a cycling initiative at SureStart Palfrey Children’s Centre.

Valerie said:

“I had an opportunity to ride on a bike that was provided by BikeRight to launch this initiative in Walsall South. Palfrey Sure Start is working with BikeRight to encourage people to learn to cycle. BikeRight will run cycle training classes every other Saturday in Palfrey Park. BikeRight will also be holding a series of cycle maintenance classes in Palfrey in April. The courses are all free, and are open to those aged 16 years or older and suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced cyclists.”

“We are seeing increasing amounts of people on bicycles on our streets but there are also an increasing number of accidents and deaths involving cyclists. These cycle training classes will help to make riders more aware of the dangers and ensure that they ride in the safest possible way.”

“I would encourage people to sign up whether they are new to cycling, where they can take a ‘Learn to Ride’ class in the park, or if there are long time cyclists, they can take an advanced lesson on the main roads around Palfrey.”