Valerie makes representations on the future of the Gala Baths

Valerie has written to Walsall MBC calling for the Gala Baths in Walsall Town Centre to be kept open.

Valerie said:

“Walsall Gala Baths is home to the only brine pool in the West Midlands and I know this resource is valued by many of my constituents. Many people are put off by the unpleasant effects of chlorine on their skin and hair and so we are very fortunate to have the brine pool available to use in Walsall.”

“I was contacted by one of my constituents who uses the pool and was concerned about its closure. I raised this with the Chief Executive of Walsall MBC who said that the Council is currently reviewing the provision of the Sports and Leisure Service. The Council has said that no decision has yet been taken as to the future of the Gala Baths.”

“It is clear to me that the Gala Baths are of substantial benefit to many of my constituents and particularly those who are elderly or disabled. Given the Olypmic legacy and the need to get people to take more exercise, any move to close the Gala Baths would be resisted. I hope that following the review of Sport and Leisure Services, the Council will ensure the long term future of the Gala Baths.”