Valerie meets delegation of women MPs from Tanzania

This week the Commonwealth Parlaiamentary Association (CPA) hosted a group of women MPs from the United Republic of Tanzania.  Valere was one of a group of MPs who met them.


On Monday 23rd January, MPs from the United Kingdom and Tanzania had the opportunity to exchange views and experiences during a roundtable discussion on ‘Gender and Politics’.


On Tuesday 24th January, Valerie was shadowed in Parliament by the Honourable Fakharia Shomar Khamis, a member of the Tanzanian Parliament representing Tanzania’s ruling party, the CCM.  Ms Khamis was elected as an MP for Zanzibar in October 2010.  She has previously worked in the offices of the Vice President, Chief Minister and President of Zanzibar, and was educated at institutes in Zambia and Swaziland, as well as the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI).


Ms Khamis was able to observe a working morning in the life of a UK Member of Parliament. This included a session in the Health Select Committee of which Valerie is a member and then back to the Office to deal with constituency and parliamentary work. 

Ms Khamis was able to see how Valerie dealt with her work in the Walsall office while she was in London. 


Valerie said: 


“This has been a valuable experience for women MPs from the UK and Tanzania.  It has been a great opportunity to exchange views and learn more about how parliamentary democracy works around the world. Women play important roles in representing our societies across the globe and it is important to be able to share our experiences.”