Valerie meets Minister over funding for Joseph Leckie Academy building repairs

On Wednesday 17 July 2013 Valerie, accompanied by Principal, Keith Whittlestone and Palfrey Councillor Allah Ditta met Schools Minister, Rt Hon David Laws MP at the Depaertment of Education to make the case funding for urgent building repairs at Joseph Leckie Academy.

Valerie said:

“I am pleased the Minister agreed to meet with us. It was important that he was able to hear first hand about the disruption the severely dilapidated buildings cause to students’ educations. The main building at Joseph Leckie Academy is nearly 75 years old. It is now in a severe state of disrepair with damaged masonry, leaking roofs, rotting window frames and asbestos requiring removal. A major structural defect has necessitated the closure of a toilet block at one end of the building. Surveys indicate that the repairs will cost at least £12 million.

“The meeting was postive and the Minister accepted that a visit was necessary. He has asked an official to visit Joseph Leckie. The Minister pointed out the various programmes and the Department will work with the school to maximise the bid for the urgent repairs. It is a tribute to the efforts of the School’s staff and students that the severe state of disrepair of the buildings has not impacted further on students’ educations. Keith Whittlestone made a strong case for funding. ”