Valerie meets Perry the Commonwealth Games Mascot

I met Perry the official mascot for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 in Parliament on Wednesday 27 October 2021. 

Perry is a multi-coloured rainbow bull. He was inspired by the winning design from ten-year-old Emma Lou in Bolton as part of a competition to create a mascot that represents the culture, identity and heritage of Birmingham. His rainbow patchwork design highlights diversity and community throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. He is named after the Perry Barr area of Birmingham which is home to the Alexander Stadium the home of the Commonwealth Games.

Perry is the first mascot of any international multi-level games that users can interact with virtually. People can #PoseWithPerry by using the camera on their mobile phone. You can watch a video introducing Perry here

The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games will be held in the Alexander Stadium on Thursday 28 July 2022. The Games include a wide variety of sporting events, ranging from gymnastics to wheelchair basketball to athletics.