Valerie meets pupils from Abu Bakr School

I was delighted to catch up with pupils from Abu Bakr School in my constituency. They spent the day in the Education Centre. I spoke to them about the process known as ping – pong when the EU Referendum Bill which has been amended in the Lords comes back to the Commons. I explained that on Monday 13 March the Bill will come to the Commons and MPs will vote on whether to keep the amendments made by the Lords. I met the pupils on Thursday 9 March 2017. I explained that I have an opportunity to raise issues with the Leader of the House on issues relating to House matters or on Government business that affects mine and other MPs constituents.

The Labour Party amendments were first suggested and voted on in the Commons but the Government voted against them. They suggest that the Government should protect the rights of EU citizens living in this country and that Parliament should get a vote on the deal that will be negotiated by the Government. In my view it is right that Parliament should have a final say on the final agreement. MEPs in the European Parliament will be able to vote on the deal and so should the UK Parliament. If the UK does not agree with it then the PM will have to renegotiate or the PM may have struck a good deal with the EU. Either way Parliament should have a final say – after all Parliament is sovereign.