Valerie meets Christian Aid partner countries affected by Climate Change

On Wednesday 15 October 2014 Valerie met with Christian Aid partners from the Philippines and Bolivia, to hear first-hand what it is like to live with the reality of climate change and how it is affecting the world’s poor most acutely.

Valerie said:

“People around the world live face to face with the realities of a changing climate. Climate change is increasingly affecting new parts of the world but it is the world’s poorest people who are suffering the most from it.”

“I met with Voltaire and Elizabeth to hear how their communities had been affected. Voltaire runs a group of organisations campaigning on climate change in the Philippines, and Elizabeth Peredo is Director of Fundación Solón which campaigns on climate change in Bolivia.”

“These meetings were part of Christian Aid’s Hunger for Justice weekend, which will see hundreds of events around the country aimed at raising awareness of the need for action to tackle climate change.”

More information on Christian Aid’s work on Climate Change can be found here.