Valerie meets with Residents following Post Office Move

On Friday 11 July 2014, Valerie met with residents and a representative from the Post Office after the Post Office on Burns Road, Moxley was closed a replaced by a Post Office at Kendrick Road, Moxley.

Valerie said:

“Residents contacted me because they were unclear about why the Post Office on Burns Road was closed and replaced with a new Post Office at Kendrick Road. This has inconvenienced a number of residents who now have to walk further to their local Post Office.A number of the residents who attended the meeting were supportive of the move to Kendrick Road. In my view it is crucial that all residents have good access to postal services. ”

“All the residents who attended the meeting were concerned that Royal Mail has not provided a post box outside the new Kendrick Road Post Office. I will be writing to Royal Mail to ask that a post box is installed.”

“The Post Office has agreed to write to me with further details of the consultation which took place prior to the move and the circumstances which resulted in the Post Office being moved.”