Valerie meets with residents of Stafford Road, Darlaston

On Friday 14th October 2011, Valerie met with a group of residents at Stafford Road in Darlaston. The road surface at Stafford Road is in a particularly poor condition and Valerie wanted to see the situation for herself.
Residents have been disturbed by noise and vibrations caused by traffic passing over poorly maintained speed humps and the damaged road surface.
A large number of heavy goods vehicles use Stafford Road to access industrial premises in Darlaston and the road is on both the 39 and 327 bus routes.
Valerie has written to Walsall MBC to ask for alterations to be made to traffic management in the area so as to reduce the difficulties faced by residents of Stafford Road.
Valerie said:
“I was shocked at the state of the road surface on Stafford Road. For a small street, a large number of heavy vehicles pass through, causing conjestion, damage to road surface and disturbance for residents.”
“I am sure that traffic can be managed in a much better way in the area and I hope to meet with Council officials and residents soon to discuss how this situation can be resolved.”