Valerie meets with staff from Kew Botanical Gardens

Valerie said:

“I attended a briefing on the impact of the reduction to Kew’s Grant-in-Aid from Defra. This will an impact on the work undertaken at Kew and on the workforce. Kew’s world-leading scientific endeavours account for more than a third of their staff. Kew has Statutory Objectives to inspire and deliver science-based plant conservation worldwide. These include quarantine, expert advice on the Trade in Endangered Species and expert advice in all aspects of plant science including forensic and medicinal work.”

“The skills and experience lost are not readily available on the international labour market that Kew has to compete in and these reductions threaten vital international conservation work. Kew is also at the forefront of the Government’s commitment to the Convention on Biodiversity, particularly the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. Wakehurst Park is managed by Kew and is home to the Millennium Seed Bank, a repository of biodiversity and a final safeguard against extinction. These conserved seeds act as an insurance against the risk of extinction in their native habitat.”

“The video below shows the work of Kew Gardens and why they need further funding to carry out their important work.”