Valerie opens new training centre for young people

On Friday 20 March 2015, Valerie opened a new training centre for unemployed young people run by the charity, Rathbone.

Valerie said:

“It was a privilege to open Rathbone’s new Training Centre in Walsall. Rathbone is working to offer young people new opportunities through a range of study programmes and apprenticeships. Young people I met were amongst the 100 learners studying at the Centre for NVQ level 2 qualifications in English, Maths, social care and business administration.”

“I was impressed with the dedication and commitment to public service shown by the teachers and staff at the Training Centre. I spoke about the importance of learning as valuable in itself rather than as instrumental to the pursuit of targets. I was pleased to be able to present certificates for qualifications earned by young people at the Centre. Some of the young people experienced challenges in the past which had made it difficult for them to make the most of other educational opportunities.”

“Figures released this week show that 555 young people in Walsall South are not in education, employment or training. This is an unemployment rate of 5.5%, well above the national average of 3.3%. That is why the training opportunities available at Rathbone’s new centre at Townend House in Walsall are so valuable.”

“I want to see the type of work undertaken at Rathbones expanded through a new system of post-18 apprenticeships and vocational qualifications. I also want to see the range of apprenticeships available to young people expanded by ensuring that every large firm that wins a major contract from the Government commits to providing apprenticeships and training young people for high-skilled jobs.”