Valerie opposes planning application on the car park on Liskeard Road, Park Hall

On 24 August 2016, I made a site visit to see the proposals of this planning application. Many of my constituents have objected to the application to build 12 flats on the car park.
I have written to the Council to object on your behalf and the Chair of the Planning Committee. Here is the text of my email objecting to the proposed application:

Dear Mr Brereton
I am writing on behalf of my constituents who oppose Planning Application 16/0865 for the erection of 12 apartments and creation of associated car parking on Land at Gillity Shopping Centre, Liskeard Road and garages at Treyamon Road, Walsall (re-submission of 15/0270/FL). I have made a visit to the site.
The Planning Application is opposed on the following grounds:
1. Density
The proposed development is contrary to the following policies:
(i) In the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), delivering a wide choice of high quality homes in the, page 15:
“Design policies should… concentrate on guiding the overall scale, density, massing, height, landscape, layout, materials and access of new development in relation to neighbouring buildings and the local area more generally.”
(ii) Designing Walsall Policy DW3, page 57:
“All new development must be designed to respect and enhance local identity.”
The Planning Application would result in a building which is higher than the neighbouring shopping/ flats and other houses in the area and is not in keeping with landscape.
2. Inadequate Parking
The proposed development is contrary to the following policy:
(i) Saved Policy GP2 of the Walsall UDP, page 9, states that one of the considerations that will be taken into account in assessment of development proposals is “the adequacy of parking facilities”.
There would be a loss of parking spaces for people visiting the secondary shopping area and the spaces where the garages are currently situated are being used by the local shops and businesses who also have deliveries to the rear of their businesses.
The proposal to block off one entrance will cause disruption, particularly as traffic comes from Falmouth Road onto the proposed entrance by the garages. There is also the additional traffic caused by children being dropped off to the nursery in the morning and early afternoon.
The disabled spaces are located at the far end with no exit, making them less accessible.
The proposal to replace the existing enclosed parking (14 garages) with open spaces will result in a reduction from 20 spaces to 16. The proposal of 4
‘shoppers’ spaces on the frontage of the new flats can only be achieved if 3 onstreet spaces are lost.
There is increased traffic from vehicles that use the following businesses in the area: the ‘Kajal’ restaurant, ‘Inspire (Walsall) Limited’ education service, a
dental practice and an opticians. These types of businesses increase the demand for parking above the level that might be expected for local shops.
3. Inadequate access
The proposed development is contrary to the following policy:
(i) Saved Policy ENV32 of the Walsall UDP, page 57:
“Poorly designed development or proposals which fail to properly take account of the context or surroundings will not be permitted.”
The Application provides inadequate access along Treyamon Road. The application means that there will be an increase in vehicles and traffic along Treyamon Road. It is foreseeable that Heavy Good Vehicles travelling to the Cooperative convenience retail store and school buses will have problems passing
through the area. Many residents have pointed out that they have received numerous documents but have not had the time to consider them. Furthermore there is no housing need demonstrated as there is sufficient land for housing until 2026. In the opening paragraphs of the NPPF, it states that “the purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development”, and that, “planning must be a creative exercise in finding ways to enhance and improve the places in which we
live our lives.”
For the reasons set out above, and applying the NPPF and local policies, this application should be withdrawn.
Yours sincerely,
Valerie Vaz
Valerie Vaz MP
Member of Parliament, Walsall South