Valerie organises meeting with residents and Phoenix 10 developers

On Friday 30 July 2021 I organised a meeting between residents of Darlaston Road and representatives from HBD, the developers who will deliver the Phoenix 10 development scheme at the former IMI / James Bridge Copper Works between junctions 9 and 10 of the M6. The meeting was also attended by a representative from Walsall Council, who co-own this site with Homes England. 

The highway works that form part of this development will result in the loss of on-road parking for residents of Darlaston Road between numbers 141-211, with double-yellow lines installed along the road. Myself and residents are very concerned by the lack of consultation about these proposals. I arranged this meeting on Darlaston Road so that residents could raise their concerns with the developers directly. 

Residents raised a number of issues, including the removal of a tree on Darlaston Road which has caused mobility and access issues for pedestrians. We discussed the developer’s proposals to mitigate the loss of parking, which residents agreed were unacceptable. The developer has agreed to explore alternative options and report back to residents in due course. I also asked for further consultation of residents as they have not received an adequate level of information or engagement regarding these proposals.