Valerie pledges support for musicians post-Brexit

Today I was pleased to pledge support for professional performers and musicians in Walsall South in their continued work post-Brexit.

At an event held in Parliament, hosted by the Performers’ Alliance All-Party Parliamentary Group,
I signed a Musicians’ Union pledge to ensure that the creative workforce is not adversely affected post-Brexit. This in terms of funding, copyright and healthcare arrangements, but in particular the ease of travelling across post-Brexit Europe.

The Musicians’ Union is an incredibly worthwhile organisation, and, with around 30,000 members, provides support to our fantastic creative workforce. With the UK’s departure from the European Union on the horizon, now is a particularly important time to commit to ensuring these talents have a voice in the political process of the UK’s departure.

The current system of free movement available to British citizens is vital for those touring and performing, as many must travel to a variety of gigs in different countries at short notice. This means that the introduction of barriers such as work permissions or visas for British musicians would have a serious impact on our creative industry.

I will do what I can to reduce the impact of Brexit on performers and musicians.

The pledge in full reads:
“I pledge to support professional musicians and performers in my constituency, and to do all that I can to ensure they can continue to be able to travel easily across Europe post-Brexit for time-limited activities such as touring and performing with minimum administrative burdens”

You can find out more about the Musicians’ Union here: