Valerie presents Beacon Heights Bus Petition

On Wednesday 2 July 2014, Valerie Vaz MP, Walsall South, presented a petition of 65 signatures to Parliament calling for a bus service to be introduced serving residents of the Beacon Heights Park Homes site after 7pm and on Sundays.

Valerie said:

“There is a clear strength of feeling that residents are cut off from public transport, particularly in the evenings at weekends. More than half the residents of Beacon Heights Park Homes signed the petition.”

“Many of the residents of Beacon Heights Park Homes are elderly and do not drive. For them, the provision of good bus services is vital as they would have to pay for taxis every time they want to go out. Without access to public transport, many residents are effectively stranded at home or unable to return home in the evenings. It is crucial that everyone has access to public transport at the times they need it.”

“I have written to Centro to work with local bus operators to ensure that this service is provided as soon as possible. I intend to arrange a meeting with residents, representatives of Centro and representatives of the bus operators. I hope that access to public transport for residents of the Beacon Heights site will be improved.”

The Official Report Transcript of the presentation of the petition by Valerie can be viewed here.