Valerie Presents Park Hall Dentist Petition

Valerie presented a petition to Parliament signed by over 400 local residents to calling for The Dentist Surgery on Liskeard Road in Park Hall to offer NHS Dental Services.

Valerie said:

“I presented this petition to demonstrate the strength of feeling locally, which must not be ignored. Local people should be entitled to dental treatment on the NHS.”

“I met Dr Rikki Dhody, owner of The Dentist Surgery at my surgery after he had been unable to obtain a contract to treat patients on the NHS. The Dentist Surgery wants to offer NHS treatment but is currently unable to do so. After meeting with Dr Dhody, I wrote to Mr Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England to ask what steps The Dentist Surgery needs to take to offer treatment on the NHS.”

“It is important that everyone can receive dental treatment on the NHS. I hope that NHS England will now work with The Dentist Surgery.”