Valerie Publishes Report on Obesity and Diabetes Programmes in England

Valerie has today published her report on ‘Obesity and Diabetes Programmes in England: Capturing the State of Play in July 2011’. The report gives an overview of the status of obesity and diabetes and related programmes in England, using data collected through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests sent to Primary Care Trusts Clusters in July 2011.

Valerie said:

“Diabetes and obesity are growing public health concerns in our society. The aim of the Survey was to analyse PCT initiatives in controlling the levels of obesity and diabetes in England and to highlight possibilities for further improvement.”

“Although some of this data is publicly available it is not always easily accessible. I hope that this report draws together the information in a way that is useful to a wide audience including healthcare providers, patients, policy-makers and organizations seeking to reduce obesity in England, and interested members of the public.”

The report can be downloaded here.