Valerie questions Secretary of State on planning changes

The Government made a  Statement outlining proposals to change a number of planning rules.  Valerie asked the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to confirm whether planning powers are being taken away from local authorities and what the Government’s position is regarding the right to light and the right to amenities.


Valerie said:


“The Government has announced a series of measures to relax planning rules. These include the removal of certain restrictions on extensions to residential property and measures to call-in planning decisions. These plans risk transferring power from local residents and their elected representatives to the Government.”


” I asked for a specific response  on residents right to light and other amenities. Unrestricted extensions to residential properties of up to 8 metres may risk neighbours disputes. The Govenrment has not set out any plans as to how these will be resolved.”


You can read Valerie’s question and the Secretary of State’s response here.