Valerie questions Minister on rising food prices.

On Thursday 25 October 2012, at Departmemt for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Defra, Questions, Valerie asked the Secretary of State what recent assessment he has made of the effect on families of recent trends in food prices.

Valerie said:

“Families on incomes in the lowest one-fifth of the population have cut their consumption of fruit and vegetables by nearly a third in recent years, as the cost of food has increased by 12% in real terms according to Defra’s own statistics. This has lead to one in five mums going without food to feed their children according to netmums”

“In response to higher food prices, the poorest families are buying less food. This leads to these families eating just over half of their recommended five-a-day of fruit and vegetables.”

“I welcome the minister’s reply, but I strongly urge him to discuss with the Treasury and DWP ways in which they can help families.”

You can read Valerie’s question and the Minister’s response here.