Valerie raises A and E funding at Health Questions

On Tuesday 13 January 2015 at Health Question, Valerie raised the winter pressure funding for A and E.

Valerie asked the Secretary of State:

“The College of Emergency Medicine says that the extra money the Secretary of State has given is not reaching A and E. What steps is he taking to ensure that the money does not stay with the CCGs, but actually goes into A and E?”

The Secretary of State for Health replied:

“I have had a number of discussions with the College of Emergency Medicine and what it actually says is that the system is working pretty well, that is what the College of Emergency Medicine says. The country’s A and E doctors welcome the fact that with the winter pressures money, there are now 800 more doctors and 4,700 more nurses, but we always want to make sure that the money is getting through as quickly as possible, so if the hon. Lady has any particular examples, I would be happy to look into them.”