Valerie raises funeral poverty in Church Commissioners Questions

On Thursday 5 November 2015, I was drawn at No 3 at Questions for the Church Commissioners. I asked:

“What assessment the Church Commissioners have made of the effect of funeral poverty on fees paid for funerals.”

The Second Church Estates Commissioner replied:

“The clergy witnesses at first hand the trauma when a family feel unable to give due recognition to a loved one. The Church does all it can to keep funeral costs down. A simple funeral in a Church of England parish church would cost a family between £200 and £300, depending on the style of burial.

I added:

“I thank the right hon. Lady for her answer and welcome her to her place. Is she able to provide an estimate—if not now, in writing—of whether the write-off that some parishes are able to make for funerals is going up or down?”

To which she responded:

“I do not have the details, but I am more than happy to write to the hon. Lady.”