Valerie raises Nigerian girls’ abduction at Leader’s questions

On Thursday 1 May 2014, Valerie urged the Leader of the House of Commons for an urgent debate on an abduction that took place in a school in Nigeria.

Valerie asked:

“We all rightly condemn the abduction of over 200 girls from their school in Nigeria. Could we have an urgent debate on how Britain can help to return those girls to their families, and more particularly, in education?”

The Leader replied:

“The hon. lady is absolutely right in what she says. All of us will have been horrified by what we have seen and by the continuing trauma that must be being experience by not only those girls but by their family and friends.”

“Anything we can do we will do and I will talk to my honourable friends in the FCO and see whether they are able to advise the house more on what they can do to help.”