Valerie raises Stafford Road and Stanhope Way bus issues in Parliament

On Thursday 27 June 2013, Valerie raised at Transport Questions the problem of buses using Stafford Road Darlaston and Stanhope Way, Pheasey.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Valerie said:

“Stafford road and Stanhope way in my constituency are in a state of chaos owing to unco-ordinated bus services using narrow residential roads. What plans does the Minister have to look at the strategic co-ordination of bus services outside London?”

Commenting, Valerie said:

“I was disappointed with the Minister’s response. Residents of Stafford Road and Stanhope Way have contacted me because of the disruption caused by buses using these narrow residential streets. It is inappropriate to have buses using these streets. The services are uncoordinated leaving residents frustrated. Unfortunately, because bus services outside London are deregulated, it is very difficult to remedy this situation.”

“At Stanhope Way in Pheasey, a new bus terminus point means that waiting buses are blocking residents’ driveways and are obstructing the road for passing traffic. At Stafford Road in Darlaston, four bus routes use the road. When buses travelling in opposite directions meet, they frequently have difficulty in passing. This disrupts traffic and creates disruptive noise for residents.”

“I had hoped that the Minister would indicate to me that the Government is looking at the lack of strategic coordination of bus services outside London. Unfortunately, he only highlighted a Government initiative that is little different from the status quo.”

Notes for Editors

The full Official Report Transcript of Valerie Vaz MP’s question and the Minister’s response is available to view here.