Valerie Raises Support for Rape Victims at Attorney General Questions

At Attorney General Questions on Tuesday 14 October 2014, Valerie raised the issue of budgets to support victims of crime.

Valerie asked:

“Given that the budgets for rape victims have been devolved to police and crime commissioners, what steps can be taken to ring-fence those budgets so that they are there for survivors and victims?”

The Attorney-General replied:

“As I suspect the hon. Lady knows, not all of the victims’ budgets are devolved to PCCs, but for that part that is, we need to trust those who are locally elected to understand clearly that the needs of victims must be pre-eminent within the criminal justice. I think that police and crime commissioners, from whatever party, generally speaking do understand that. I am sure that she will have productive conversations with her own PCC to make sure that that is the case.”