Valerie raises the underrepresentation of women on company boards

At Women and Equalities Questions on 14 Febraury 2013, Valerie asked the Minister about the representation of women on company boards.

Valerie asked:

“Can the Minister confirm that since the publication of the Davies report the number of female executive directors has risen by only 1%? What do the Government intend to do about that?”

The Minister replied:

“The hon. Lady has rightly highlighted the issue raised by my hon. Friend the Member for Skipton and Ripon (Julian Smith). It is now easier for women to make faster progress towards becoming non-executive directors, but the executive route is also important. The Women’s Business Council is looking at all the different stages in women’s careers in considering what action can be taken, and we look forward to the publication of its report later this year. We are seeing progress in the right direction, but we must stay on top of the situation to ensure that it continues to improve.”

For the link to Hansard click here:[permanent link available on 15/02/2013]