Valerie replied to a Business of the House motion following a recall of Parliament

On Wednesday 6 January 2021 Parliament debated a Business of the House motion which facilitated the debate of Coronavirus lockdown regulations later that day. I asked the Leader of the House to extend virtual participation to other Committees and secondary legislation as MPs want to take part in all aspects of the House’s work on a safe and equal basis. You can read my question to the Leader below: 

“Can I start by thanking the Leader of the House for extending virtual participation in debates? It has made a huge difference to our colleagues to be able to take part.

Could I ask the right hon. Member, on the business of the House, whether the Government are likely to move any motion relating to virtual participation in Committees—many statutory instruments are coming through—and also whether there are likely to be any changes to sitting Fridays? Our colleagues are very keen to take part in all aspects of the House’s business.”

The Leader responded by saying that the Broadcasting unit was small and it would cost the taxpayer £100,000 to enable all proceedings to be virtual. In my view  members on behalf of our constituents  want to able to take part in all aspects of parliamentary work and it would be irresponsible to travel down to Westminster given the current outbreak of coronovirus new variants and a major incident being declared in London regarding the NHS.  Members are following the Government’s instructions to  Stay at Home; Save the NHS and Save Lives.