Valerie says council is “out of touch” and confused on parking charges.

Valerie has today expressed concern that Walsall Borough Council chiefs are confused about parking charges and are “out of touch” with local people on the issue.


Councillor Tom Ansell, Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment on Walsall Borough Council, has been reported as saying that there could be a half hour amnesty in council-run car parks, but not for on-street parking.  Valerie  raised the issue in Parliament  on the 24 May 2011 and presented a 700 name petition calling for a half hour amnesty for on-street parking on Ablewell Street.


Valerie said;


Councillor Ansell seems to be confused about why local people are so upset about the parking charges on Ablewell Street. Councillor Ansell fails to understand that businesses on Ablewell Street depend on passing trade – not on people who have time to find a car park and then walk and is out of touch with the needs of local people.”


“The parking charges introduced on 7th March have hit local businesses very hard. Until Walsall Borough Council gets to grips with the issue and introduces a half hour amnesty for on-street parking, trade will continue to suffer.”
“Whilst I welcome the review of parking, I have written to the Chief Executive to clarify the situation set out by Councillor Ansell.”