Valerie says that decision to keep Walk-in Centre in the Town Centre should be permanent

Valerie has welcomed outcome of a consultation with local residents that Walsall Walk-in Centre will remain in the Town Centre until December 2015 but has called for this to be a permanent rather than an interim solution.

Valerie said:

“I am pleased that Walsall CCG has responded to the views of local residents. Residents were clear that following the demolition of the existing building, the Walk-in Centre should remain in the Town Centre. People from across the Borough can easily get to the Town Centre. I have written to Walsall CCG to request a full break-down of responses.”

“ However, I am concerned that despite residents responding in favour of retaining the Walk-in Centre in the Town Centre, Walsall CCG has described this as only an ‘interim solution’. The long term vision of moving to a GP led urgent access centre at the A&E Department at the Manor Hospital means that the future of the Walk-in Centre in the Town Centre is uncertain. It is not clear why this should be the case when 48.5% of respondents were opposed to this long term plan and 9.8% were unsure.”

“In my view, the Walk-in Centre should be distinct from A&E at the Manor Hospital as it offers a different range of services and risks being subsumed under these long term plans. There is already an Emergency and Urgent Care Walk-in Centre at the Manor Hospital. A&E at the Manor is under pressure owing to the increase in patient numbers resulting from the overnight closure of A&E at Stafford Hospital.”

“Walsall CCG must find a permanent Town Centre site for the Walk-in Centre which will secure its long term future in the Town Centre and would benefit patients.”

A copy of the letter from Ms Salma Ali, Accountable Officer of Walsall CCG can be viewed here.