Valerie Secures Meeting With Minister on Chapel Lane Battery System

A Planning Application has been submitted by Anesco Ltd to construct twenty-eight large battery units on Green Belt land adjacent to the Duckery at Chapel Lane. This development breaches the fundamental planning principle of preserving our Green Belt, and would encroach upon the open countryside the site is surrounded by.

At Questions to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Questions this morning, 22 February 2022, I asked:

“May I ask the Minister to commit that there won’t be a Battery Energy Storage System which is planned for Green Belt land. While we appreciate that needs to be done, for capacity for green energy, can he agree with me that there won’t be any building on Green Belt land for such a facility?”

The Minister of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy agreed to meet with me to discuss the Planning Application in detail. 

The deadline for residents to submit their comments to Walsall Council on the Application, reference 21/1720, is 23 February 2022.