Valerie signs Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Marine Charter

Valerie has signed the Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Marine Charter.

Valerie said:

“I support the Wildlife and Countryside Link’s call for the swift designation of a representative and well managed Ecologically Coherent Network of Marine Protected Areas in UK seas by 2016.”

“Last year I raised the Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) in a Pre-Recess Adjournment debate. I asked the Government for a timetable for the designation of the remaining 100 MCZs. Over a year later these 100 MCZs have still not been designated.”

“The Marine Charter calls on the Government, and future Governments, to ensure that this network meets international principles on coherence, and represents the full range of features in the UK seas as required by the relevant Marine Acts.”

“The full network must include ambitious proposals within the commitment to two future tranches of Marine Conservation Zones in English Seas in 2015/16, alongside wider marine protected areas, and must be well managed to maintain sites that are in good condition and recover those that are damaged.”

“This network is essential in stemming the decline in marine habitats and species, but also to ensure that the enormous social and economic benefits derived from marine goods and services can be realised for generations to come.”