Valerie spoke on BBC Radio WM on the “major incident” at the Manor.

Valerie spoke on Radio WM on Wednesday 7 January 2015 about the crisis in A & E.

Valerie said:

“The closure of Stafford A & E between 10pm and 8am in December 2011 has led to an increase in patients to Walsall Manor Hospital of between 6-10%. From September 2012 – 2013 there was nearly 40% increase in emergency admissions from Staffordshire residents. Some patients cannot be discharged into the community as there is nowhere for them to go due to the cuts to the social care budget. This has led to Walsall Manor Hospital declaring a major incident which the hospital has now come out of. Richard Kirby, Chief Executive at Walsall Manor Hospital, has had to build up relationships with local Social Services other than Walsall for example in Stafford and Sandwell, so that people can be released into their homes.”

Valerie added:

“This Government has spent £3bn on a reorganisation of the Health Service that no one wanted. Added to which £3.6bn from the Health budget was handed back to the Treasury from 2011- 2013. Spending on management consultants has more than doubled from £313m to £640m. This money is enough to run three hospitals or employ 2,000 extra nurses.”

“Clifford Mann, President of the College of Emergency Medicine, has told me that the £700m that was released to help address the winter pressure is not reaching the A & Es but is instead being shared around by the Clinical Commissioning Groups.”

“Walk-in Centres are also important in helping reduce the burden on A & Es. After a recent consultation in Walsall the Walk in Centre will stay in the Town Centre. It should continue to be located there so that there is no confusion about the services A & E and walk in centres provide. Accessing an appointment with a GP within 48 hours was also removed by this Government putting further pressure on A & Es.”

Valerie’s interview on BBC Radio WM can be listened to here at 1h08m: