Valerie Supports ‘Because I am a Girl’ Campaign

On 28 March 2012 Valerie took part in the Plan UK ‘Because I am a Girl Campaign’ with students from South Hampstead School. The girls took part in a 10km walk from Canary Wharf to Victoria Tower Gardens in Westminster where Valerie met them to hand out medals.



Valerie said:


“The campaign aimed to help raise awareness of young women across the world that are denied the right to education by the harsh realities of poverty, conflict and discrimination. Such girls end up being forced to work or married off to strangers where there is a risk of isolation and abuse. In my view every girl should have the opportunity to become educated and determine their own future. I support this campaign which aims to support four million girls to stay in education and fulfil their potential.”



For more information on the Plan UK campaign click here.