Valerie supports Music Streaming Bill

I joined MPs and musicians in Parliament Square on Wednesday 24 November 2021 in showing our support for a Bill which would ensure musicians are fairly paid. The Copyright (Rights and Remuneration of Musicians, etc) Bill, sponsored by Kevin Brennan MP, would make sure musicians are rewarded fairly and properly for their music through streaming platforms. 

The picture shows Lisa Cameron MP, Glen Matlock, a founding member of the Sex Pistols, and Kevin. 

As more people than ever use streaming platforms to listen to music, it is important that musicians and composers receive equitable remuneration and that record labels respect this. The intention of the Bill is to rebalance so that the industry is economically sustainable for all. British musicians are low-paid and have suffered particularly under the effects of Covid and Brexit. A gap in the law means that most streaming income ends up in the pockets of record labels, streaming platforms, and digital giants, rather than in the
hands of the musicians. Songwriters, composers and their publishers only receive 15% of total streaming royalties compared to the 55% received by record labels.

There is no music industry without music-makers and the Bill will protect income, rights to leave certain contracts and transparent data rights for musicians and composers. In the long run these reforms will help music in the UK to flourish by ensuring that, as streaming replaces radio, musicians are still able to receive fair payment for their music.

The Bill is due to be presented to Parliament on Friday 3 December 2021.