Valerie supports the Oliver King Foundation

Valerie attended the presentation and lobby in support of The Oliver King Foundation on Wednesday 29th January 2014.

The Oliver King Foundation was set up in February 2012 after the sudden death of Oliver King aged 12. Oliver suffered a cardiac arrest (known as SADS – Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) while at a swimming lesson in school in March 2011, and sadly passed away.

The Oliver King Foundation campaigns to make defibrillators available to young people. They have placed over 450 defibrillators in public places across the country, which have so far saved three lives. Their goal is to ensure that all schools, sports centres and public places in the UK have access to defibrillators and that staff are provided with the relevant training. The Foundation supporters include Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Steve Redgrave C.B.E. and Stephen Fry.

Valerie said:
“I support of The Oliver King Foundation and having met Oliver’s dad Mark , I want to add my support to this campaign. Every week 12 young people die of SADS, and these defibrillators can help to avoid these deaths. The work of the Oliver King Foundation will save young lives from SADS. I saw how the machine works and it is very simple to operate. It gives an electric shock and provides vital time before the Emergency Services arrive.”