Valerie in roundtable discussion with Moroccan Parliamentary Delegation

On Wednesday 28 January 2015, Valerie took part in a Roundtable Discussion with a delegation from the Moroccan Parliament.

Valerie said:

“The Speaker and other MPs from the Moroccan Parliament visited the British Parliament. The Speaker said that the delegation was keen to keep up the links with British MPs and to reciprocate the visit. I asked if there were concerns about the situation in the Middle east and how Morocco could protect the borders. I said that the Inter Parliamentary Unit could set up these helpful bilateral meetings so that MPs can exchange ideas. Both Parliaments could learn from each other. The key elements of a functioning democracy was not to leave the people behind when the economy is thriving and there is wealth creation. I was pleased the Mr Speaker mentioned Human Rights for all and he agreed that narrowing the equality gap was important in health, education and wealth.”

More information about the Inter-Parliamentary Union can be found here: