Valerie Vaz MP backs call for more young disabled people to volunteer

I was delighted to meet young disabled people at the House of Commons who told me how volunteering has made a difference to them by developing their skills and raising their confidence through ‘Can Do’ workshops, community projects and mentoring.


I met with Venisa Liscombe from Birmingham who is one of the 6,000 young disabled people who have volunteered through ‘Can Do’ since Leonard Cheshire established it in 2008. Not only does it allow hundreds of young disabled people the opportunity to gain skills, meet new people and have fun, but the work they do makes a real difference to their local communities. This winter, ‘Can Doers’ will carry out projects to help the homeless and refugees.


Venisa is doing a media course and I suggested she make a video to raise awareness of her experience and she said that she wants to live life as a normal person, who just so happens to be wheelchair bound, and is not confined by her disability. Venisa would like to speak to schools to raise awareness and inspire other young disabled people to get involved.