Valerie Vaz MP objects to Lowe Avenue development

Rt Hon Valerie Vaz MP has written to Walsall Council to oppose a retrospective planning application at 169 Lowe Avenue

Rt Hon Valerie Vaz MP said:

“I have written to Walsall Council to raise my strong objections to a planning application which seeks retrospective permission for a two-storey side extension at 169 Lowe Avenue, Darlaston. This work was undertaken in April without planning any permission, and the applicant failed to submit an application until nearly four months later.

“The work on this property, which is currently ongoing without having received planning permission, will nearly double its size and bring it within close proximity to neighbouring properties. It is nearly touching the building of a nearby resident.

“It is completely unacceptable that a disruptive work of this size has been undertaken without any permission whatsoever. This shows a total disregard for rules and no concern for the welfare of others.

“Residents have contacted me with serious concerns about the disruption this development will cause. Darlaston already contains six HMOs and it is unfair on my constituents to cram another large property into this residential area.

“Walsall Council’s Planning Committee should do the right thing and reject this application and order the building works to be stopped and removed.”