Valerie Vaz MP said:

“The Government’s decision to delay the meaningful vote has run down the clock and increased the risk of a no-deal Brexit. I co-signed a letter to The Prime Minister along with more than 220 colleagues to urge the Government to agree a mechanism that would ensure a no deal Brexit could not take place.”


“A no-deal Brexit would be bad for Walsall and the UK. It would impact on Walsall’s rich manufacturing industry and would be a fundamental threat to the future of our food and farming sectors including 11 farms in Walsall South. The National Farmers’ Union is against a no-deal.”


“The Government has faced two defeats in one week and broken records by being the first Government to be defeated on a Finance Bill since 1978.”


“Parliament has ensured that in the event of a no-deal the Government will not be able to make tax changes without a vote in Parliament first. If the Prime Minister’s flawed Brexit deal is defeated next week, she must return to Parliament within three sitting days and MPs will have a real say on what happens next.”