Valerie Vaz MP Responds to McLean Review of Manor Hospital Leadership

“I am deeply concerned about the McLean Report on the behaviour of Professor Loughton and Professor Field. It would have helped not to have had a huge turnover in leadership when the Professors arrived at the Trust. Several members of the Board, who could have held them to account, moved on within months of Professors Loughton and Field coming into post.

There are good lessons to be learnt on collaboration between Trusts for the benefit of patients. However, I am concerned about the changes to governance arrangements which have been implemented at Walsall given the record of the individuals in question, and concerns raised by whistleblowers and staff. This includes the high profile case of Dr Raj Mattu, who alerted David Loughton to patient safety concerns at Coventry Walsgrave hospital, but was pursued through an Employment Tribunal.

Professors Loughton and Field have implemented a restructuring of governance at Walsall and Wolverhampton hospitals, creating a new model on the hoof, with no proper consultation with staff, patients and local stakeholders, including myself as the representative in Parliament of people in Walsall South. The important aspect for me is the care of my constituents who are served by the Manor, by dedicated and skilled staff who have worked so hard during the pandemic.

There are many talented people in the NHS and the Black Country who could step up into these roles. Professor Loughton and Professor Field should consider whether they should continue in these roles.”