On Wednesday 12 September 2018, Valerie Vaz MP attended the National Farmers Union reception in Parliament to show support for British farming. 

 Valerie Vaz MP said:

“I was delighted to attend the National Farmers Union reception in Parliament on Wednesday 12 September 2018 to show support for the sector. Farmers play a unique role in securing a plentiful supply of fabulous British food, looking after our iconic countryside and sustaining a dynamic rural economy.”

“Farming is the bedrock of the UK’s largest manufacturing sector – food and drink – which contributes over £110 billion to the economy and employs 3.8 million people.”

“The decisions made in Parliament over the coming months are critical to the future of British food production. Food production is a vital part of everyday life and impacts on us all. At Business Questions on 13 September 2018, I raised the National Farmers Union’s comments that a no deal Brexit will be an “Armageddon scenario” for the industry. As one of the sectors that will be most affected by Britain’s departure from the EU, it is important that we create the right regulatory environment to ensure our farmers can continue to provide safe and affordable food for the nation. The Government must crucially provide reassurances to farmers and the public on what actions it will take to protect the industry in the event of a no deal Brexit.”

“The Agriculture Bill must address the long term food security of our nation, prioritise the production of nutritious, good quality food, and ensure, in measurable and enforceable terms, the future of our environment, wildlife and habitats.”