Valerie visits Alucast Foundry in Wednesbury

On Friday 27th January 2012, Valerie visited the Alucast Aluminium Foundry in Wednesbury, which recently won the contract to produce components for the London 2012 Olympic Relay Torch.
Valerie said:
“I was delighted to visit the Alucast Foundry in Wednesbury. The company produces cast aluminium components for use in applications as diverse as MRI scanners and high end sports cars, including McLarens, Bentleys and Bugattis. I And it was recently awarded a prestigious contract to produce components for the London 2012 Olympic Flame.”
“I toured the Foundry and met with co-owners, Tony Sartorious and John Swift. They told me how the company has been able to maintain its success through the economic downturn by employing a strategy of making products of a higher quality than those made by overseas manufacturers. This has enabled the company to win back work from Brazil and China.”
“Mr Sartorious and Mr Swift also expressed concern that manufacturing is no longer an attractive career for school leavers. It is vital that the Government acts to ensure that young people and their families view manufacturing as an attractive career route.”
“Mr Sartorious and Mr Swift were clear that there is much more that the Government can do to improve conditions for the manufacturing industry. They told me that banks have become far less flexible in lending to small businesses since the economic downturn began and that this is hampering the creation of jobs and growth.”
“It is small companies such as Alucast which will drive economic recovery and they should be congratulated for their vision and innovation.”