Valerie Visits Butts Primary School

On Friday 20 June 2014, Valerie visited Butts Primary School to meet with staff and pupils.

Valerie said:

“I was very pleased to visit Butts Primary School. It is clear that the school has made great improvements. When I visited the pupils were engaged in many activities such as talking about World War Two. They showed the gas masks they made for that topic. Other ongoing projects related to the Egyptians. It was good to see the new library and the ITC suite.”

“The School has a very successful cricket team which has beaten every other school in Walsall. The mixed team is in the Black Country Final. This is an achievement that the whole school can be proud of.”

“I was very impressed by Butts School. The pupils’ enthusiasm shows the importance of having such dedicated and committed staff.”

More information on Butts Primary School is available from the school’s website here.