Valerie Visits Chamberlin and Hill and Nominates their Turbocharger Castings for “Made by Britain”

On Saturday 10th September, Valerie visited Chuckery-based casting manufacturer Chamberlin and Hill and nominated their turbocharger castings to represent Walsall South in the Made by Britain scheme.

Valerie said:
“I am delighted to nominate Chamberlin and Hill’s turbocharger castings as the product to represent Walsall South in the Made by Britain scheme. Having been based here for 121 years, Chamberlin and Hill is a prime example of the best of Walsall’s successful manufacturing industry. The company has a well deserved reputation for the quality of its products and the skilled craftsmanship it puts into their manufacture.”
“Chamberlin and Hill’s focus on making products of the very highest quality shows that Walsall’s skilled manufacturing industry is able to compete on the world stage. 60% of their £12 million annual sales are for export. Britain needs manufacturers that are able to generate strong export sales in order to build a sustainable economic recovery.”
 Chamberlin and Hill produce a range of light castings at their Walsall site for use in the automotive industry. One of their most significant growth areas recently has been the production of grey iron castings with complex cored passageways for use in turbochargers.Chamberlin and Hill have themselves seen very strong growth over the last year, have recently reported annual profits of £895,000, compared to a loss of £1 million last year.
In 2010 around 10% of petrol engines were turbocharged. However, by 2015 approximately 80-90% of car petrol engines are expected to be turbocharged. This will enable petrol engines to function more efficiently and will reduce emissions.

  • The Made by Britain scheme aims to highlight the innovation, creativity and skilled craftsmanship of Britain’s manufacturing industry. MPs across Britain have been asked to nominate a product made or designed in their constituency that highlights the best of British manufacturing.

Nominations from MPs accross the UK can be viewed here.