Valerie visits “Dealing with Dreams” exhibition at the New Art Gallery

Valerie recently visited “Dealing With Dreams”: The 40th anniversary of the Garman Ryan Collection exhibition at the New Art Gallery.

“The exhibition at the New Art Gallery reminds us in Walsall how lucky we are to have this collection. The Garman Ryan Collection features works by Van Gogh, Monet, Freud, Epstein, Turner, Durer and Constable as well as many others. “Dealing with Dreams” is the phrase used by Lady Kathleen Epstein in her letter to the Gallery when she donated the Garman Ryan Collection to the people of Walsall to be housed in this iconic building. The exhibition includes other original letters from Lady Epstein and previously unseen exhibits. They are a talented family and their art will endures in this collection. ”

“Dealing with Dreams” runs at the New Art Gallery until 16 November 2014.”

Further information is available here.