Valerie visits Hillary Primary School

Valerie visited Hillary Primary School on Friday 1 March 2013 for an interview with the School Council and to see what can be done to address traffic problems around the School.

Valerie said:

“It was a pleasure to visit Hillary Primary School. I met with the Head Teacher, Ms Cherry and was interviewed by the School Council. The staff are clearly dedicated and this is reflected in the children’s enthusiasm for learning. The members of the School Council who interviewed me asked about my views on traffic problems outside the school and also about my work in Parliament. The children told me they found it difficult to concentrate owing to the traffic problems.”

“School Councils are an excellent place for pupils to learn about democracy, how to make a contribution to their communities and how to campaign effectively on the issues that matter. I encouraged the School Council at Hillary School to take part in the Speaker’s School Council Awards which rewards School Council projects that make a real difference to their School.”

“I had been contacted by parents who said that the traffic situation on Hillary Street outside the School gates at the start and end of the School day has become dangerous. I wanted to see the problem to help find a solution.”

“Cars are parked on both sides of the road for most of its length, particularly at the start and end of the School day. This means that the road is only wide enough for one car to drive along the road. As a result parents collecting their children and residents experience significant difficulty in passing each other and turning around. The traffic problems on the street create a dangerous environment for children walking to or from school.”

“I hope that an agreement can be reached between the School, Walsall MBC and Walsall Housing Group that will enable the Bescot Road entrance to be used for parents to walk their children to and from School safely.”