Valerie visits Hydratight in Bentley

On Friday 10th June, Valerie visited the Hydratight headquarters in Bentley to meet with the company’s president, Jan de Konig, and to see some of the skilled manufacturing work undertaken at the site.

Hydratight manufactures specialist equipment for use in a number of sectors including the oil and gas industry, aerospace and manufacturing. They have five sites around the world, employ more than 1000 people and their Global Headquarters is in Walsall South.

Valerie said;

“It is excellent to see such a successful company based in Walsall South. The success of skilled and specialist manufacturing and engineering is vital to restoring growth and creating a sustainable economic recovery.”

“I was particularly impressed with the company’s apprenticeships scheme. Apprenticeships in skilled manufacturing are enormously important for building the skilled workforce needed to ensure sustainable growth and to secure the economic recovery.”